Map Trek 2: Trans Pamir Trek

At the end of June I will cross the border with Tajikistan. Somewhere south-east of Karakul Lake the second trek starts: crossing the High Pamirs from east to west. This will take roughly 7-8 days, depending on river and snow levels. The distance is 200-250km. Above the map of the route.

Highlights of this trip are camping on the shores of Karakul, getting very close the the worlds largest glacier Fedchenko and views on the higher passes of Pik Korzheveskaya (7105m)and Ismoil Somoni (7495m). And if I'm lucky enough I hope to encounter one of the most endagered species on earth, the snow leopard.


  1. This is an incredibly good idea. I was looking at Google Earth and thought about the same trek for this summer. If you were successful, I would love to hear about logistics from you. Unfortunately, the only time I could do it would be mid-early June so I am worried about the passes being snowed in.
    Please contact me at campbell.moore@gmail.com

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