Training sessions

The past 1,5 month I have been able to get out for a few good walks in preparation of Tajikistan (I would have done them anyways!...)

The Overland Track, Tasmania

Dreadful conditions during a climb of the volcano at Kolombangara Island, Solomon Islands

The last walk in my local hills before heading out to Tajikistan in the Pentlands just outside Edinburgh, earlier today with Pete Wooding.


Route maps Zerafshan and Pamir treks

This is the intended route crossing the Zerafshan Range (Northern Tajikistan), starting east end finishing at the 7 lakes south of Penjikent.

After the Zerafshan we will be travelling to Vanj, the trailhead for the Pamir traverse. The trek finishes in the Tajik part of the Wakhan Corridor, at the border with Afghanistan.


Support from Adventure Food

Manufacturer of freeze dried meals Adventure Food has been so kind to support my research trip in Tajikistan with their meals. I can't wait for their Goulash (I ordered quite a few), my favourite!! Thanks Marcel and Ivo!!